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Very loving cat

April 2, 2006


pain  -  April 2, 2006, 22:45
oh shit I laughed so hard I swear a little pee came out. very lovely cat indeed :D
hacker_112  -  April 2, 2006, 22:48
poor cat...
k3ksi  -  April 2, 2006, 23:02
love is hard
haiko (guest)  -  April 3, 2006, 00:58
lols he got pwnd
jonfrey (guest)  -  April 3, 2006, 03:32
thats why i dont like cats
pd (guest)  -  April 3, 2006, 08:11
ANON (guest)  -  April 3, 2006, 11:41
love is over
Anne Onymous (guest)  -  April 3, 2006, 13:53
I had Chinese last night.
jk  -  April 3, 2006, 16:34
Why do people insists on putting leash on small tiger. If I find a lynx in the forest I assume it's wild. When will people learn.
squeezeeface (guest)  -  April 5, 2006, 00:34
cat on a lead!!and hes surprised??idiot!!
Timothy Hof (guest)  -  April 5, 2006, 23:49
Now that's the cat's me-ough!
malone (guest)  -  April 6, 2006, 03:08
choked on a funyun funny
Japan4ever (guest)  -  April 6, 2006, 19:42
never laughed this much before. cried out a river and nearly fell of the chair
^^ (guest)  -  April 6, 2006, 23:11
Kerafyrm (guest)  -  April 10, 2006, 18:47
Smooth ...
Poor cat... (guest)  -  April 15, 2006, 09:39
That man must've been having a bad day: annoying the cat by scratching it so roughly, then strangling it by pulling on the chain. Now I wonder if the cat will ever find a home.
nano (guest)  -  April 18, 2006, 16:01
i walk with my cat in the park everyday WITH a leash. no problems for me! the cat is fucking crazy
Sera (guest)  -  May 3, 2006, 01:42
That cat should do acrobatics. Look at him jumping all over the place. I think animals can have attitude just like people lol Poor kitty..I wonder if they found him after he ran off..?
. (guest)  -  May 20, 2006, 15:17
thats not not funny, poor kitty
DaNNe (guest)  -  June 9, 2006, 21:51
very fun hahah^^
rrr3333 (guest)  -  June 16, 2006, 01:53
seen it before, only it was called pinky the wild cat. Poor kitty? more like poor guy!
Kaitlin (guest)  -  July 14, 2006, 15:33
Poor Kitty? Poor guy! The guy did nothing to provoke the cat. The cat must have seen something that provoked it and it took it's rage out on the guy. It can happen, it's happened with my cat twice before. We have to keep the windows closed.
Brody  -  July 17, 2006, 02:46
Oldie but a goodie
Swany (guest)  -  July 19, 2006, 19:17
A very loving cat? Lmao XD
lolzor (guest)  -  July 24, 2006, 18:19
thats why i have a dog.
Keira (guest)  -  July 29, 2006, 10:52
Oh my god!! he is a very idiot man!!
Mesingel  -  August 13, 2006, 23:34
a bit up and mister is childless for the rest of his life ^___^
Redkid (guest)  -  August 15, 2006, 15:58
He was holding the cat when the cat didn¨'t want to be held.
Name (guest)  -  August 17, 2006, 02:31
What an old IDIOT, I wish the cat bites his balls. Dumbass...
Name (guest)  -  August 17, 2006, 02:33
for Nano your fucking crazy, not every cat will walk with you. Try to use a brain, cat is not a dog that will alove you everything.
oldpeoplesuck (guest)  -  August 21, 2006, 02:54
I love the way the lady handles that cardboardbox! She's a pro!
cry (guest)  -  August 23, 2006, 11:41
he was so mean to that cat I would adopt that cat IM sure he is a nice cat.
??? (guest)  -  August 24, 2006, 20:07
How can you treat a cat like that?! Cats are supposed to "run out" their anger!
Deleted0001  -  September 17, 2006, 10:52
Loving? Bullshit...
Linn (guest)  -  October 20, 2006, 11:48
Haha. Kinda funny... Poor cat tho
magic 8 (guest)  -  October 27, 2006, 17:03
pain oh shit I laughed so hard I swear a little pee came out. very lovely cat indeed :D ... i already said that today your not allowed to do that :/ also... yes... that cat was doing all sorts of little flippies and shit.. that was sweet... most my cat ever does is run into doors...
Niedec (guest)  -  November 18, 2006, 08:54
I don't think "poor cat" when I watch it pretty much stabbing the guy. I should know. Day two spent with my kitty was watching it tear at my friend's shirt until I heard distinct ripping noises, followed by an entertaining scene of him fending her off with a pillow. She just kept running into it though. I'm sure the cat would mellow in a year or two. The guy, however, is quite literally scarred for life. lol.
Animal lover... (guest)  -  January 15, 2007, 02:54
i hope that hurt your leg, fucker. Stop tormenting that poor creature - a cat's not meant to be on a fucking leash. there's a reason lions are known as 'the cat family', they are beasts at nature for crying out loud.Yes - Poor cat. Poor guy? Fuck that moron, i hope the cat tore off his balls. He deserves it. Fucking american way of treating animals, jesus christ.
Ulla (guest)  -  January 28, 2007, 22:24
HAHAHAHHA., tror du den var sjov?
??????????? (guest)  -  March 22, 2007, 17:11
If i was that cat i would have done the same, i mean i know hove it feels being stuck in that sh*t country with all them delerious yanks, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Moron hater (guest)  -  August 28, 2007, 19:01
You guys with your "OMG poor cat!" are retards. That cat is a sack,
Retard hater (guest)  -  July 3, 2008, 16:48
yea agreed, the fucking cat is a crack junkie if my cat got psycho like that you need to put em down

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