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I/O Brush

June 10, 2006


Ulf  -  June 10, 2006, 17:16
Thanks for the video suggestion David.
jerry humpton (guest)  -  June 10, 2006, 18:18
I want one!!! one question though, what is the point of it having bristles?!
me (guest)  -  June 10, 2006, 18:53
why does this thing seempretty much useless
Dantalion  -  June 10, 2006, 20:28
The bristles are just for fun ^^ I like this thing! Would be even nicer with more tools like pencils etc. The eyes are a little creepy :S
sol (guest)  -  June 10, 2006, 21:00
COOOOOOLLLL i want one where do i get it from + how much
xandilou (guest)  -  June 11, 2006, 00:32
paint a picture and dust your screen. Nice
guest (guest)  -  June 11, 2006, 01:06
Neat gadget, but the music made me want to pull my ears out!
pre (guest)  -  June 11, 2006, 06:52
kinda interesting.
woww (guest)  -  June 11, 2006, 07:28
wow! is that a reall thing? neato!!
a nun (guest)  -  June 11, 2006, 15:24
i thought the bristles were like fiber optic cameras... i could be incredibly wrong.
Django (guest)  -  June 11, 2006, 16:11
Nicholas (guest)  -  June 11, 2006, 17:51
GREAT Concept - real or imaginary!
Dantalion  -  June 11, 2006, 18:43
It would take more time to CG this than to make the Brush, so it's not fake. It's not fiber optic camera's, it is a cam in the middle with bristles around it.
dantallon noob` (guest)  -  June 11, 2006, 19:04
you coudn't make this thing if your life depended on it, do note you have to be able to draw with it on a screen
arleas  -  June 11, 2006, 20:48 Sheesh, this has been in the news for a while... "oh noes! I can't believe it's not butter so it must be fake/10"... N00b...
Dantalion  -  June 11, 2006, 22:17
Luckily, my life doesn't depend on technology. And this thing is quite easy to make, since there is a open source plugin for webcams that detects motion (even of white pixels on a screen). I used my cam as a mouse pointer with that plugin, so this would not be too hard to make. However, the idea to use it as a brush is cool.
isa (guest)  -  June 12, 2006, 16:47
excellent! i really enjoyed it, very creative!
cz (guest)  -  June 12, 2006, 16:56
The complete first season of "Brush" (guest)  -  June 14, 2006, 03:04
Very good, BUT a little too long. I'm not saying it's bad.
Itne (guest)  -  June 19, 2006, 00:04
What I don't understand is how the motion thingy works. I mean, every little pattern are bound to move if u cant hold your hand extreamly still. And when u move to and from the pattern? well, the idee is cool, but I would like an explanation more then a demonstration..
viiru (guest)  -  June 19, 2006, 15:58
Tosi kiva lelu mut siihen kyllästyy 20min jälkeen :< It was finnish if someone didnt know
Coolgerb (guest)  -  June 23, 2006, 10:56
Itne, it's the same as today's photo camera's. They have a photo mode, and a (low-ress) video mode.
cian and lee (guest)  -  June 25, 2006, 22:22
i dont think its real
joe (guest)  -  July 10, 2006, 04:46
thats totally possible.. a camera in the center and u hit a record button.. then you project it onto a computer monitor type of thing when you hit the button again.. sensors..
bat (guest)  -  July 11, 2006, 00:58
too bad it's really too long!!!
roxxiey (guest)  -  July 18, 2006, 09:51
is it real??
Rock (guest)  -  July 27, 2006, 22:48
Natalija (guest)  -  July 30, 2006, 18:08
Is it possible??????
GypZ (guest)  -  August 19, 2006, 23:02
looks like something that would have made a great 60s commercial for,
15love  -  August 28, 2006, 15:54
is amazing!!!!
Deleted0001  -  September 2, 2006, 16:55
I want one!
Niedec (guest)  -  September 4, 2006, 08:41
How in the world can it pick up textures that well? Most of the time, programs can't handle bump mapping, textures, high resolution images, etc. very well. To be able to pick up even the tiny bumps on an orange like that is
J (guest)  -  September 26, 2006, 16:26
J (guest)  -  September 26, 2006, 16:28
Dizz  -  November 21, 2006, 04:15
Fucking amazing
nuke21  -  January 2, 2007, 07:09
Why did you have to pick such retarded music? It is French for God's sake...

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