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Nasal woodwinds

June 30, 2006
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Ulf  -  June 30, 2006, 22:12
Thanks for the video KC
 kckern  -  July 1, 2006, 01:35
This is my brother--last year he was on Jay Leno doing this stunt... he's auditioning for Letterman with this clip...
 kckern  -  July 1, 2006, 01:36
This is my brother--last year he was on Jay Leno doing this stunt... he's auditioning for Letterman with this clip...
 Dantalion  -  July 1, 2006, 11:41
Cool! The songs were a bit annoying, but very impressive!
Pessimisten (guest)  -  July 1, 2006, 22:48
That sucked.. He simply blowed out his nose, big deal? The "talent" laid in the dual flutes, but he didn't even handle that very well! Hence, the sucking. :P
fake (guest)  -  July 7, 2006, 09:52
it fake, hes no human! hes robot manufactured by NASA !
Bob_the_Bobbin (guest)  -  July 13, 2006, 04:41
Jay Leno,Letterman with this??WOW!!Man I'm in the wrong line of work...
CCC (guest)  -  July 16, 2006, 17:08
first: this is a fake! second: where is he looking at all the time? -> right, the other guys who playing flute in the background third: this whole thing is stolen from another clip, its a comedian with its own show and he shows this at the and, finally he puts the flutes to his that you can see its fake
 kckern  -  July 18, 2006, 00:23
CCC- First: it's not fake--I filmed this personally myself, Second: There are no other people in the room with recorders (or flutes, as you erroneously call them). Peter is playing both himself. Third: I’d like to know more about this “other clip” and this “comedian with its [sic] own show”… If I am being accused of plagiarism, It would be nice to document the alleged source. Finally, the fact that something defies the standards that your world might be founded upon doesn’t constitute fabrication. Next time use some judgment and critical thinking before you go on a witch hunt of labeling the extraordinary as fraudulent.
 Deleted0001  -  August 30, 2006, 16:29
Aaah! There are boogies in my flute!
 Vilxan  -  November 9, 2006, 23:15
fake? Why would anybody think playing a pipe through your nose is fake? There's still air to make the flute thingy work. I'm not exactly sure what instrument he's got there, but you can manage to play the recorder up your nose if you wanted to. I wouldn't want to though, because I would never want to touch the recorder again!
funkmaster flex (guest)  -  June 3, 2007, 22:51
hahahah..soft guy



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