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Windows Vista and speech recognition

July 30, 2006


Ulf  -  July 30, 2006, 22:16
"Dear aunt, let's set so double the killer delete select all". Real -
Brody  -  July 31, 2006, 02:33
Down with Microsoft I LOVE IT!!
Dante (guest)  -  July 31, 2006, 07:16
Heh heh. I like what the lady said at the end. Pwn'd.
dtfinch  -  July 31, 2006, 08:49
I remember back in 1994, one of my 6th grade teachers had a Mac at her desk, with working voice recognition. Though it only did command recognition, not dictation. It had a TV tuner as well. How it heard "mom" as "aunt" I have no idea.
ZX (guest)  -  July 31, 2006, 19:11
i would like 2 kick that asshole and that fat bitch... don't fuck with windows
hyperforce (guest)  -  July 31, 2006, 20:11
I think one of the programers that was suppost to set up the program quickly slipped in a change (he guys (hehe) WATCH THIS XD )
moa (guest)  -  July 31, 2006, 21:51
It's a fake, window programs never fails!!!
Dustin (guest)  -  August 1, 2006, 19:34
poor microsoft, they have terrible luck. Like that video when they were presenting windows 98. I am sure they just had a minor bug, microsoft alwase comes through with a quailty product in my opinion
moa (guest)  -  August 1, 2006, 21:24
hope u are joking?
Sven (guest)  -  August 14, 2006, 01:56
moa: Does it sounds like he is joking? I bet you have Windows as operative system, so stop complain about M$!
Em (guest)  -  August 18, 2006, 13:57
; ) Love it. No one needs to me$$ with windows, a mess it is ~ !! Thanks for the chuckle.
TigerSlash-X  -  August 22, 2006, 08:25
windows is a pice of crap LOL go mac
weber  -  August 26, 2006, 20:00
i would like 2 kick that asshole and that fat bitch... don't fuck with windows
Z (guest)  -  August 29, 2006, 23:12
I have voice recognition on my current computer, nothing of the sort happens after it integrates your voice.
bestemp (guest)  -  August 29, 2006, 23:18
Was the voice intergrated beforehand? You must do that to ensure that it works.
Deleted0001  -  August 30, 2006, 15:33
I would've had a lot of fun with that one!
Niedec (guest)  -  September 15, 2006, 06:39
My cell phone has this feature and it works perfectly. I'd blame MS for time constraints on this one. They've spent years in development to basically make Vista's layout shinier, and they probably knew people would be mad if they took any longer. See what happens when you don't beta test long enough? Lol.
SaxxonPike (guest)  -  October 31, 2006, 14:27
Weber: obviously Windows was fucking with the guys at Redmond, as you can see. Personally, I'd rather not have to fight with software.
ThinkTank  -  December 3, 2006, 21:17
It's the final comment from the newslady that makes it superb!
Vilxan  -  February 6, 2007, 20:12
My god, that correspondant was awful "train rec"? Anyway, Microsoft was funny!
michael (guest)  -  March 18, 2007, 16:06
Agreed, the correspondant made some painfully embarrasing jokes. But the anchormanlady killed microsoft with that last comment =) I have faith in Vista and Microsoft though, tired of all the bullshit criticism.
Not bowing down (guest)  -  November 6, 2007, 22:51
Fuck Microsoft you sniveling suck-ups. This corporate giant sucks your wallets while constantly turning out buggy products at exorbitant costs. Fuck them, and fuck sympathizers!
Ann (guest)  -  October 16, 2010, 05:33
Windows Vista is a FLOP! Had it for 3 yrs, slowed down my computer and everyone else says the same. A BIG FLOP!

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