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Duck and cover - 1951

August 4, 2006


Dante (guest)  -  August 4, 2006, 20:30
Anyways how old is this thing?! Like....older than my parents....The duck and cover song is annoying...
Luigio (guest)  -  August 4, 2006, 20:32
Jajajaj this r eminds me to a south park episode
Oyasumi  -  August 4, 2006, 20:58
United States and "how-to-misinform-people", funny.
Vel (guest)  -  August 4, 2006, 21:27
This is Fictitious, Artificial and unlifeliKE!
blindgaenger  -  August 4, 2006, 22:44
at least you've got something to do when you are about to die. what we were told at the army wasn't much better...
Henk (guest)  -  August 5, 2006, 03:11
its a commercial from the second world war to let people know what they should do at bombings
Manta (guest)  -  August 5, 2006, 05:40
Lol, US is the first to have Atomic bombs ; wasn't for awhile that other's had them too - Post WWII by a bit =p
aripabove (guest)  -  August 5, 2006, 05:55
moar liek cold war. amirite?
Kortisoni  -  August 5, 2006, 15:56
Absolute classic.
Masterfrog (guest)  -  August 5, 2006, 17:46
Perfect example of why americans are afraid of everything.
The worst... (guest)  -  August 6, 2006, 11:06
Heck until the mid 50s we had NO clue how bad nukes were... we were still putting troops in the blast/radiation area.... had them swallow capsules attached to strings so they could see how much radiation they absorbed different distances from the blast.... When the test was done just pull the string up and then they get their radiation soaked capsule back, heh. I just hope mankind works out its teritorial issues before we develop really potent weapons....
anonymous (USA) (guest)  -  August 8, 2006, 22:39
Masterfrog is right. The US is afraid of its own shadow. The worst part is, the country is falling apart over a phantom menace.
Nicol3 (guest)  -  August 10, 2006, 16:49
I find it incredibly humorous that they even tried to sell such a false sense of security. Plus, this movie totally duplicates the fear meter 10-fold.
i am sofa king we tod ed (guest)  -  August 13, 2006, 08:48
stupid as it is, its better than nothing. althou, as radiation sickness sets in you may wish a random piece of debre had impailed your skull.
Mesingel  -  August 13, 2006, 21:31
When the turtle ducked, I thought he was a chicken! - Anyhoo... "Duck and cover" ain't gonna help you when an atomic bomb falls on you :D - It's like protecting your privates in an incinerator... It just won't cut it :P
dia (guest)  -  August 14, 2006, 00:25
ummm, if you are right under the bomb nothing will help you. but if you are far away, only slight shockwave hits you. enough to let things fly trough air killin ppl on the way. :) *slightly sarcastic* its stupid, but not THAT stupid...
ble (guest)  -  August 14, 2006, 18:33
what's more during the cold war people were almost certain that sooner or later there is going to be an atomic war. films such as this one were to create a feeling of security and allow people to feel that they are not defensless. furthermore it's pretty much like dia said. to avoid being burned and badly injured it is the best tactic. sure plenty of these people would have died later on, because of radiation, but I wouldn't agree that the film is stupid, if we consider role it was supposed to play. regards
Gran (guest)  -  August 19, 2006, 22:38
Ah... so nice. Works a treat if your shot in the head too.
Adreno (guest)  -  August 20, 2006, 17:50
This is very very disturbing. If a nuke was to explode and you are within range, anyway, if you see a blast you wouldn´t think clear enough to duck and cover. What good would it do? You will be cosy when you die atleast, from the "very bad sunburn". It´s nice to scare kids this way too, like the Terror Alert today.
Adreno (guest)  -  August 20, 2006, 17:51
This is very very disturbing. If a nuke was to explode and you are within range, anyway, if you see a blast you wouldn´t think clear enough to duck and cover. What good would it do? You will be cosy when you die atleast, from the "very bad sunburn". It´s nice to scare kids this way too, like the Terror Alert today.
Deleted0001  -  August 30, 2006, 15:21
Not very entertaining, but thumb-up for the madness!
Mike (guest)  -  September 10, 2006, 02:46
Idk, everyone says this video is so stupid.. People knew about atomic bombs, they were worried about it. This video tells them that if you duck and cover they wont get hurt, what should they tell them, that they should stand there and get owned? Also people who are very far away, who would just feel earthquake like feeling and be exposed to radiation. Some of this information is actioually useful. People closer would be incinerated ofcourse, but should we tell children that?
mbandgeek  -  October 21, 2006, 02:52
Hey, you people are forgeting that this was made in the 50's. They wern't sure about the long term effects of radiation. This film just says that only visible marking is a really bad burn, that is the reason for the duck and cover.
Marble (guest)  -  November 5, 2006, 00:35
Surely this is just propaganda. Ducking and covering is not gonna help you, however, it is gonna remind you of communism and its evils. Children from a low age must learn that. America, America. They haven't learnt shit since, have they?
Niedec (guest)  -  November 18, 2006, 08:38
Marble: We've learned enough to shoot you dead, you commie terrorist dipwad!!!!1111oneoneshifteleven!!!!! XD (jk.)
rlkelm  -  March 27, 2007, 10:02
This brought back a lot of memories. I was in grade school when this film was made. I grew up hearing all of this stuff. Our city was on the "Target List" because a leading technology company was located there. They made high tech components for missles and defense. We were told that if "The Russians" pushed the button, at least one of those missles would have our name on it. (back then, the poor Russians got blamed for everything - of course it might have been because Nikita Kruschev pounded his shoe on the podium [yep, his shoe!] in front of the whole United Nations and swore that Russia would bury the United States.) We kids we told that from the time we heard the Air Raid siren, we had 12 minutes or less to get in to a bomb shelter or take cover somewhere. We kids all knew it was all a bunch of garbage. If our city was hit by a nuke, we would all get vaporized anyway. We also knew that anyone who survived, would soon wish that they hadn't.
Calcium Dust (guest)  -  November 3, 2007, 21:47
duck and covering would still help you if you were not in an uber close radius, your back would get burned extensivly but at least you wouldn't go blind

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