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A really bad landing

August 18, 2006


terra (guest)  -  August 18, 2006, 12:48
First day as a pilot =)
Moa (guest)  -  August 18, 2006, 12:59
Last day as a pilot =)
Rexxar  -  August 18, 2006, 15:49
Not good for they =)
Saragam  -  August 18, 2006, 15:55
Oh My God!! how the hell does he land??
david (guest)  -  August 18, 2006, 18:31
nice landing:P i wonder if they woud clap for the pilot.
NEPHITA (guest)  -  August 18, 2006, 19:01
Don´t drink and fly!!
fake (guest)  -  August 18, 2006, 20:21
Pessimisten (guest)  -  August 18, 2006, 23:29
Now I don't want to be the fake-fish.. But is that even possible? I mean, those are made of titanium, right? That's frickin' hard..! :P
Fishies! (guest)  -  August 19, 2006, 05:39
fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake
huh (guest)  -  August 19, 2006, 11:16
well......... there is something wrong with the plane.. the tail shouldnt be that easy to fall off... prolly this plane is made in china....XD... which all suck
pilotexpert_not (guest)  -  August 19, 2006, 18:24
I guess it's a test flick. It's on autopilot designed to crash at a certain angle. They always find good use to old aircrafts.
PBurke (guest)  -  August 19, 2006, 22:26
pilotexpert_not gets the gold star
to people who think this is fake (guest)  -  August 20, 2006, 20:21
This is not a fake. I am a pilot, and this can happen. It is a bit weird how the engine just "drops off" the back, but he was in a crosswind, and he didn't follow the ILS approach, which is what gives you a smooth landing, and this can happen alot. He pulled the throttle down when he was too high, and dropped onto the runway. He also didn't pull back, so those are signs that he is inexperienced, as you should gently pull the throttle down, so it slowly lowers you, instead of pulling it right down, and that makes the plane "drop" so when he hit the floor, he hit it too hard, and then the planes engine fell off. Either that, or it was a badly made plane, or it could also be fake, but I'm just explaining why this might not be fake.
up above (guest)  -  August 20, 2006, 20:22
sorry, just watched it again, he did pull up, but it is definite he didn't manage the throttle well at all.
Gnaget (guest)  -  August 21, 2006, 17:41
Maybe there were... SNAKES ON A PLANE
Draugovininkas  -  August 22, 2006, 15:30
I'm not a pilot really, but i think that he pulled up too much...and the force which applied to the back of the plane was very strong so the overload just broke down... Remember that even though it is made of titanium it had to bent and connected so those are the weak links wich can break if too much force is applied... Sorry for my bad english
Pilot (guest)  -  August 23, 2006, 18:28
I'm "to people who think this is fake" and I agree completely with Draugovinikas. Like I said he pulled down the throttle, so that made him "drop" and since he pulled back to hard, that makes it even more pressure on the back. I think this was made in the 80's as it's a very old plane, and the livery of the plane doesn't exist anymore, so I think that this airline doesn't exist anymore, so it is old, so then, that could mean the plane wasn't as well made back then, and the controlls were not as advanced, so he couldn't really prevent the drop like you could nowerdays, so I think that's what happened. The only thing I hope is that nobody got hurt in this, as it looks like the engine also took off a bit of the plane.
skeptic (guest)  -  August 26, 2006, 21:08
... and someone just happened to be filming this landing ... for fun?
Pilot (guest)  -  August 26, 2006, 23:43
I also thought maybe it was a test flight? So someone would be recording it to see how the results are. They could have actually been testing whether the engine would break off.
Jinxed  -  August 27, 2006, 05:00
Good thing I wasn't on that plane
Deleted0001  -  August 29, 2006, 19:35
I totally agree with Jinxed!
Loosh  -  September 10, 2006, 06:57
"to people who think this is fake (guest)": who do you think you are kidding? Pilot my a**. You're just a kid with too many flight hours on MS Flight Simulator. So you learned the words "ILS" and "pulling back on the throttle", did you really think that will be enough to fool ppl? Of course this was a crash test, as "skeptic" so well expressed it, but nevertheless incredibly funny. Imagine the pilot showing up for work next morning. "G'morning, boss. Remember plane 403? Yeah, gonna need another one today, 'cause they said at the shop that it'll be a while 'til they locate that thing that makes it fly straight. Yeah, the tail."
mbandgeek  -  September 24, 2006, 17:21
first and last day as a pilot
Fish (guest)  -  October 20, 2006, 01:47
AA pilot (guest)  -  November 13, 2006, 00:36
I need to try a little less hard landing next time XD
o (guest)  -  December 29, 2006, 19:32
gggg (guest)  -  February 14, 2007, 00:37
are you guys crazy that was awsome dudes
Scorpio  -  February 14, 2007, 02:13
haha... that had to be a test. The g force it took to rip the tail off would have pwnt everyone inside and we would have heard about that by now. Even the pilot would have had atleast a concussion... the front of the plane smacked hard enough to break the landing gear off, you can see it riding on sparks @ the end
adad (guest)  -  March 19, 2007, 18:21
fish fish
Steve113  -  May 28, 2007, 23:34
hah, Pilot my bawsack! You're only 12 and we all know it :P
Airbus is Better! (guest)  -  January 22, 2008, 10:55
Another crap american plane. Why can't americans do anything right???

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