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The treadmill dance

September 9, 2006


David T (guest)  -  September 9, 2006, 17:09
that was great...really...nice fluent motion and wonderfull male bodies :)
David T (guest)  -  September 9, 2006, 17:09
that was great...really...nice fluent motion and wonderfull male bodies :)
neil p (guest)  -  September 9, 2006, 19:23
not good, not good at all
guy in the red shirt  -  September 9, 2006, 20:05
HAHAH (guest)  -  September 9, 2006, 21:38
happy :-)
eruenion  -  September 9, 2006, 23:57
Emil (guest)  -  September 10, 2006, 02:09
Brlilliant! must have been spendin a lot of time on that one!
Loosh  -  September 10, 2006, 03:51
The subtle messages the cosmos is trying to send us... Just a few hours ago my friend went: "Hey guys, come check this out, this video is great!" And this very same video was what we saw on MTV. Abxolutely brilliant, I agree with Emil. All that time they've put on planning the choreography. I especially love those "skating" movements across the mats. More of these, please!
Goyp (guest)  -  September 10, 2006, 04:57
i saw this on tv the other day adn it was rly funny, great concept, they mastered it
nassforsch (guest)  -  September 10, 2006, 05:45
Really, really great!
word (guest)  -  September 10, 2006, 06:28
i love how the band taped it themselves, put it up on youtube themselves, choreographed it with help from a band member's younger sister, and taped it at home by themselves...with the younger sister at the controls. awesome. love it
Saragam  -  September 10, 2006, 08:24
fun to watch
Rawa (guest)  -  September 10, 2006, 15:38
fun awesome bla bla natzi moves in the move @ 0.51 still good but hey who doenst like seigheil moves.... idiots!
Loosh  -  September 10, 2006, 22:28
"Natzi moves"? "Seigheil moves"??? You ignorant fool. Stretching your arm to the side is as much a sieg heil (which btw is the correct way to spell it) as bombing Iraq is patriotism. I'm guessing you're American, Rawa. No other nation is as paranoid when it comes to hidden symbolism. You see it where it does not exist.
Brody  -  September 11, 2006, 01:15
^^ First off your an idiot. Second, that was funny as hell. Get it hell = fire. Your still an idiot
Mister Phil (guest)  -  September 11, 2006, 11:34
You all know how the saying goes: "love it or hate it" I don't really LOVE it, but it iis not all that bad either =) Oh, does anyone of you guys know the song's name?
Nolan  -  September 11, 2006, 18:54
Deleted0001  -  September 12, 2006, 13:50
Weird, but funny!
Ed (guest)  -  September 12, 2006, 15:14
'Here It Goes Again' by OK Go. Quality music video
osiris1012  -  September 12, 2006, 19:31
Amy (guest)  -  September 12, 2006, 19:37
That was cool!
Trepidity (guest)  -  September 14, 2006, 23:08
Great song great video! Rawa you're an idiot.
zack (guest)  -  September 20, 2006, 23:52
woooh OK GO!
James (guest)  -  September 21, 2006, 23:12
Does anyone know what music it is?
flo (guest)  -  September 23, 2006, 20:12
hey i watched this preformance on america's got talent
Rawaisawesome (guest)  -  September 23, 2006, 22:05
You totally teh suck Rawa! You go heil yarr momma and tell me how she was? Ok?!? Omg, so stjupid. Wiah. How, someone, so retarded to teh be?? Ubnevilable.
Erixgirlie (guest)  -  November 2, 2006, 01:33
OK GO is such an awsome band, I hope this song and vid give them a lot of attention!

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