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Hidden water pit prank

October 7, 2006


it's old (guest)  -  October 7, 2006, 22:45
but still a semi-funny clip
nooes (guest)  -  October 7, 2006, 23:12
so fish
OGrilla  -  October 8, 2006, 00:00
Some of the people look like they know what's going on, but a few really did look surprised. Nice prank, nonetheless. I just wish they had had a group of real runners instead of a few joggers each time.
Faithless  -  October 8, 2006, 00:46
So fake i could puke.
Faithless  -  October 8, 2006, 00:46
So f*ake i could puke.
Guess (guest)  -  October 8, 2006, 04:14
Slasher (guest)  -  October 8, 2006, 14:14
True, I generally dont like hidden camera pranks on people that dont know about it but pretending not to know it is even worse. Zzzzzz
Marcus (guest)  -  October 8, 2006, 15:07
Funny, but what if they carry something valuable that isn't water proof, like wallets or cellphones? Not that funny for them.
Deleted0001  -  October 8, 2006, 16:48
D'you know what, Marcus? I was about to pose the same question... What if they'd just bought a brand new cellphone?
Lurk (guest)  -  October 8, 2006, 18:55
If you can afford to digg that hole you can probobly pay for a few phones.
blindgaenger  -  October 8, 2006, 21:50
i surely would't be smiling if i fell in there. i think it's fish, but i still like it :)
dbutler1986  -  October 8, 2006, 22:11
Guest - drowning?!? In 6 feet of water?! I'd laugh like hell too. You need a sense of humor.
TehFeesh (guest)  -  October 9, 2006, 00:04
Picture this, some rich guy walks buy with his 120Gb IPod, his nice, expensive blackberry, and maybe even a pager (hey, he's a businessman). Theres about $1000 worth of damage right there... The people are enjoying being tricked way too much, It's likely a fake fish.
pre (guest)  -  October 9, 2006, 07:19
fake fake fake look at them all smiley after they fell into the dark mud infested water. fake fake fake
Idontcare (guest)  -  October 9, 2006, 18:42
fake or not, this proves two things 1. I'll never get to old for pranks 2. Germans are crazy ;)
aero  -  October 9, 2006, 19:13
Why is this funny?
loll  -  October 9, 2006, 20:06
Agrees that it HAS to be fake, though it is still funny.
LOL (guest)  -  October 9, 2006, 21:07
yo bestofgooglevideo guy (guest)  -  October 9, 2006, 22:38
or who ever updates this site, why dont u put up videos everyday anymore?? its like every 3 days u update it now i used to check this thing first thing but now its all gay
yo bestofgooglevideo guy (guest)  -  October 9, 2006, 22:39
ohh yea and dont say that u cant find any good videos anymore. why dont u just put a form up on this site so then when people find a good one then they can just give it to u
Ulf  -  October 9, 2006, 23:05
The main reason for lack of updates is time, but the site will soon get an overhaul with top lists and such. There is no form (yet), but you are free to mail videos that you find. e-mail at the bottom of the page.
pre (guest)  -  October 10, 2006, 10:38
no more suckyness
haha (guest)  -  October 12, 2006, 11:25
Funny but fake as hell, Who rides a board like that?..Who looks satisfied after falling into a mud pit?..and Who the hell rides theyr bike like that guy just did so fishy It almost got more funny..
gain (guest)  -  October 31, 2006, 17:28
so funny and genarly funny it is not fake the bike certainly wasnt
RNKK (guest)  -  November 5, 2006, 00:23
That is really funny
nick (guest)  -  December 17, 2006, 01:06
sucks if u had a mp3 player on you but still funny
mrsjc (guest)  -  December 27, 2006, 22:05
haaaahaahahahaha and boooo !!!!! but that was funny :P
_0123 (guest)  -  July 27, 2007, 00:27
Even if it is fake its funny as fuck! The way all the bikers yell as they go in xD
Zena (guest)  -  October 13, 2012, 15:29
how sweet! I bet most of the people who left bad ctmemnos arent parents. Most parents know that babies prefer to fall asleep this way, the world is just to exciting for them. My 7 month old wont let me rock her to sleep, when she starts acting tired I put her in her crib and she cries herself to sleep (recomended by her pediatrician). But she preferes to play until she's too tired to be upset about falling to sleep. What wonderful parents you are to capture this moment to share with them later.
vnyrchl (guest)  -  October 13, 2012, 22:19
Iwsh1K jyplknqabnmm
jatttwc (guest)  -  October 15, 2012, 23:55
bo3WFX mcgfnknefcmj

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