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Karate is tough

October 22, 2006


Deleted0001  -  October 22, 2006, 12:31
Ha, ha. Poor guy (sucker).
Draugovininkas  -  October 22, 2006, 14:39
How stupid can you get? His motto must be: If you don't succed at first - try again and again
LÃ… (guest)  -  October 22, 2006, 16:37
navysealltblue  -  October 22, 2006, 17:31
first off... I dont see any grain to the wood... easier to break when there is grain to the wood... second off... when you hit it, you should make it so that when you finish, your hand is about a foot past the target... his hand ends up at the target... no way he is going to break through it that way. What a fool.
blindgaenger  -  October 22, 2006, 22:12
yeah, banging your head against things is fun
yomama (guest)  -  October 23, 2006, 13:55
yoo tha man, navysealltblue..
Juhgu  -  October 24, 2006, 15:12
I was kind of waiting for him to injure himself.
Pharen (guest)  -  October 25, 2006, 09:25
I Agree with Blindgaenger =D
Kleg (guest)  -  October 25, 2006, 10:42
The invisible karate dude! Whatta dumbass. I think that he should start with a thinner blocks. Persistent though.
Slasher (guest)  -  October 26, 2006, 22:08
I blame his teacher which obviously had a bad teacher and so on. Wonder where it all went wrong.
costre (guest)  -  October 30, 2006, 18:22
This is what happens when eastern tradition meets american stupidity.
SaxxonPike (guest)  -  October 31, 2006, 14:31
Hmm. Last I checked, Karate wasn't ideal for capitalism anyway. This is what happens.
Emc2  -  November 1, 2006, 15:08
Erixgirlie (guest)  -  November 2, 2006, 01:19
LOL this is an awesome vid!

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