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Jeep waterfall printer

January 18, 2007


bugg  -  January 18, 2007, 11:16
son of Zion (guest)  -  January 18, 2007, 14:12
well.. we cant cure canser but we can invent stupid things like this.. we are dooooooommmeeed....
costre  -  January 18, 2007, 17:47
Was I the only one who figured out how that thing worked in like two seconds? He spent the entire clip explaining it! You gotta love those pro-american slogans he had thrown into the mix ... :|
Deleted0001  -  January 18, 2007, 19:59
Just brag about it... I nearly couldn't understand anything of what he said, but I got the picture.
Micke (guest)  -  January 18, 2007, 20:52
but think what you could do with it. attach several of these together and you can make a primitive hologram
Nioreh (guest)  -  January 19, 2007, 07:07
Yeah, a 2d array of nozzles would be able to make 3d stuff fall down. That would be really awsome. They could have Jeeps falling in 3d or just cool cubes and stuff.
Brody  -  January 20, 2007, 00:22
They had this at SEMA a while back in Vegas and also at the Auto show in Detroit last year. I stopped and looked at it for a while at each location. Just real cool it was also loud.
Slasher (guest)  -  January 20, 2007, 13:14
I immediately thought the were gonna use stroboscopes later to get the text to stay in place. With different colors that could be a neat effect to.

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