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Skateboard slalom world record

March 1, 2007
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lol (guest)  -  March 1, 2007, 13:26
Haha, that looks funny :D
Dambis (guest)  -  March 1, 2007, 18:05
 scratch  -  March 1, 2007, 20:58
cool guy:D
Brody  -  March 1, 2007, 22:51
meaningless use of a perfectly good speedway =P
Scorpio  -  March 1, 2007, 23:38
Pessimisten (guest)  -  March 2, 2007, 01:55
He looks sort of retarded when he wobbles his way through like that.. :P
 Bluefin69  -  March 2, 2007, 02:23
Right ON Dude!! Keep on Working to PERFECT!!!
Blast (guest)  -  March 2, 2007, 06:36
I think it's the hair that makes it too funny. rrrr! ima comin'! raaaaaahhhhlL!!
 Deleted0001  -  March 2, 2007, 18:14
That's just unbelievable!
demon (guest)  -  March 12, 2007, 02:19
shut up. thats skill !
 Rik  -  April 2, 2010, 17:48
Encoftene  -  January 21, 2017, 04:49
Lancefep  -  March 10, 2017, 04:47
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