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Sony Bravia - Stop motion clay rabbits

October 5, 2007
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 Brody  -  October 5, 2007, 14:42
I remember when they were filming this, it was a cool site to see.
jrm (guest)  -  October 5, 2007, 22:57
i read Bordy's comment, and i still think many of those sequences are completely computer generated.
Dan (guest)  -  October 6, 2007, 07:30
ever see the bouncy ball commercial for the bravia line? there's a behind the scenes video made about it. they actualy let the jumboballs run rampant in the San Fransisco streets. That leads me to believe that sony made this one real as well.
bleh (guest)  -  October 6, 2007, 10:16
What's the music
 Brody  -  October 6, 2007, 18:11
Yup alot of bunnys, not clay of course positioned throughout the area jumping, running on little stands.
 Brody  -  October 6, 2007, 18:14
Rolling Stone it sounds like but I am not sure.
 Brody  -  October 6, 2007, 18:16
Dude this was filmed in NYC not San Fran
Dan (guest)  -  October 6, 2007, 23:53
@Brody: I said the bouncy ball commercial was San Francisco.
 Brody  -  October 7, 2007, 00:59
Edit: Yes just read about that. Sorry.
 Dantalion  -  October 8, 2007, 11:16
It is all real. 2,500 Kg of play-doh...
Jake (guest)  -  October 8, 2007, 15:01
Music is She's a Rainbow by The Rolling Stones. Great vid.
 bob  -  October 8, 2007, 21:20
It would be so much work organizing the whole thing. they would have to reposition every rabbit! And what if someone accedently stepped on one? They would have to remember what all the rabbits looked like! :)



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