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6 beers in 10 seconds

June 17, 2006


Ulf  -  June 17, 2006, 21:56
Thanks for the video Fabien
Dantalion  -  June 18, 2006, 00:36
I tried that once with vodka, but it came out harder than it went in...
Anti Alcohol (guest)  -  June 18, 2006, 02:39
Dont think their age should drink that.. only cause death and side effect after all... what a idiot who do that.... suicide is faster..
Hostin Duffman (guest)  -  June 18, 2006, 08:14
Anti Alcohol, if someone dies because drinking 6 small beers in 10 seconds, he/she deserves it. Beer is absolutely fabulous.
navysealltblue  -  June 18, 2006, 15:23
yay for stupid people!
saulute (guest)  -  June 18, 2006, 18:48
yra ir sugebanciu geriau...
aja (guest)  -  June 18, 2006, 22:49
this beer sucks.If you try Lithuanian some kind beer you`ll be dead:) i mean real beer such as Birzieciu 9.5% or 11%
Dantalion  -  June 19, 2006, 14:57
Alcohol is poisonous, but it does not lead directly to death Anti Alcohol... Nothing wrong with drinking alcohol, as long as you don't drink too much. It depends on how much you care about your condition/health ;)
water (guest)  -  June 19, 2006, 20:56
you can get drunk and die off of water too, but i think we can see a difference from the number of deaths and accidents caused by alcohol vs water
mel (guest)  -  June 20, 2006, 02:26
How do we know its really beer? Could be all his mates urine samples.
... (guest)  -  June 22, 2006, 18:09
Eew. That would be worse.
Dude (guest)  -  June 22, 2006, 18:55
No matter what it was, I can't even drink water that fast. I like this video (and beer :p)
love beer (guest)  -  June 26, 2006, 13:41
if he would drink 6 real beers(like Karlovacko beer) instead that american piss that americans misleadingly call beer he would drop dead! živjelo karlovačko! yeah!
love beer (guest)  -  June 26, 2006, 13:42
živio ćofi!
thisisBS (guest)  -  June 27, 2006, 08:37
fake. you can see the hose. stop it on frame 206. it's right there. faker fakey fake.
VIAN (guest)  -  June 28, 2006, 16:13
Only .... STUPID
Samoborac (guest)  -  July 1, 2006, 23:07
Ma to care, Karlovačko rules!!! Oh, and btw he drank only 3 beers, because small beer is not a beer, it's a beer SAMPLE. And I still don't see the difference between drinking that beer and water, since american beer is in fact water that tastes like beer (and a shitty one too). Try drinking so quickly real beer like Karlovačko like love beer said, but better have paramedics on standby.
okami (guest)  -  July 2, 2006, 19:42
lol six smal beers is like 2 bigg 1 i drink 3 in 10 sec u noob maybe even more if im drunk enough
okami (guest)  -  July 2, 2006, 19:44
try volt strong or dembowe mocne or warka strong i drink that shitt every day
okami (guest)  -  July 2, 2006, 19:44
lol six smal beers is like 2 bigg 1 i drink 3 in 10 sec u noob maybe even more if im drunk enough
used to be (guest)  -  July 10, 2006, 07:19
I tried it before and almost killed myself. Extremely Dangerous... causes heart attack...
maaadde (guest)  -  July 16, 2006, 15:32
wow, finally an american who can drink^^
chiqita (guest)  -  July 19, 2006, 09:08
loser (guest)  -  July 23, 2006, 22:31
ffs its easy to drink 6 beers of that size in ten seconds - it equals to maximum 3 beers... If u use a bong its not hard at all... And to all yor beer lovers who think u know all about beer, a regular Karlovačko beer contains 5,2 % alc. Do it with Carlsberg Masterbrew 10,5 vol. and im impressed! ps. American beer suck!
arleas  -  July 26, 2006, 22:57
Shit, anything weaker than Guinness is dog piss... now if you slam 6 pints of guinness in 10 seconds, I think they'd be picking your ass up off the floor
LOL Small (guest)  -  August 2, 2006, 23:52
Those are 16 oz cups. 8 cans of beer total.
Deleted0001  -  September 2, 2006, 00:40
Wow, dude! That is dangerous! It can actually make you faint! Someone at my school did something lik that, and they had to go to the hospital! Funny, though.
Erm (guest)  -  October 4, 2006, 00:59
What are you guys going on about? He only drank like.... 3 pints of cloudy water. A yard is 2.5 pints on its own - no one complains about "going to hospital" after drinking a yard of ale!
I love beer x) (guest)  -  November 6, 2006, 20:44
lol, you actually think 6 beers can kill you? not even 6 beers of that strong beer can kill you... a normal person of about 70kg can drink about 0.5l of prue alcohol before dying. it's called lethal dose 50 for those who would know it
wiw (guest)  -  June 7, 2008, 03:07
wow ur a retard lethael dose fifty is a way of describing the dose at which a certain product would kill 50 percent of those in affect of it
PR (guest)  -  June 21, 2010, 10:05
I WONDER 6 AND NOT 7!! MMMmmmmmm.....

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