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Coin dominoes

November 9, 2006


Andreas (guest)  -  November 9, 2006, 19:23
It would have been cool if it was real. But hey, to film this in one shot you would have needed atleast 10 cameramen, running atleast 20 cameras. Nice effect though.
JoHooH  -  November 9, 2006, 20:12
Cool to bad its fake though, and its a little to long, and a little to much coins :p but i liked the end of it :DD!!
JoHooH  -  November 9, 2006, 20:12
fake fake fake
Deleted0001  -  November 9, 2006, 21:46
Who knows? Anyway, just think of all the time spent on trying to make those coins balance. Wow...
gues (guest)  -  November 9, 2006, 23:11
yeah, its fishy, but even to set up something like that would HAVE to be a major undertaking. Wow.
navysealltblue  -  November 10, 2006, 00:53
I'm not one to call stuff fish or fake... but let me tell you... there were some moments where I think several takes were merged together because the sound changed, indicating it stopped momentarily.
aero  -  November 10, 2006, 14:21
I don't think the idea was to make you think it wasn't f ake. The main message seems to be the ad in the end.
navysealltblue  -  November 10, 2006, 17:49
Oh most certainly... I just think the thing could have been put together a little cleaner.
pjh  -  November 11, 2006, 02:05
Real or not, that's definitely a lot of coins :) !
denlyckligeHORAN (guest)  -  November 12, 2006, 17:09
apperantly the person/persons are probably japanese or have absolutely no life FO SHOOOO!!!
whoa (guest)  -  November 12, 2006, 17:30
lol.. that was rannndom! =) aw too bad it looked fake =(
Brody  -  November 12, 2006, 23:29
A+ for effort
MANUEL CANO (guest)  -  November 22, 2006, 18:28
Fredrik (guest)  -  December 3, 2006, 04:32
Omg! To much sparetime?? All that amount of coins is worth a lot..
mrdudepants  -  December 6, 2006, 17:30
woa that was a huge amount of ££££
amazing (guest)  -  January 27, 2007, 20:39
that had to take forever or it had to be fake.
brody (guest)  -  February 16, 2007, 22:39
that was problobey fake that was freaken cool tho
brody (guest)  -  March 21, 2007, 21:55
that was problobey that was freaken cool tho

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