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The size of things

November 27, 2006


Ulf  -  November 27, 2006, 17:20
Thanks for the video Goodshorts, our top submitter!
Deleted0001  -  November 27, 2006, 17:30
Got to love this one! Ain’t we small?
Nero  -  November 27, 2006, 17:58
boring, but still interesting to see how smal we realy are! from 10 million ligth years away, to atomic level!
Gandalf (guest)  -  November 27, 2006, 18:47
VERY good !
Brody  -  November 28, 2006, 00:20
One of the best
Optimisten (guest)  -  November 28, 2006, 02:41
Huh.. For some reason I've always thought that our solarsystem was the milky way.. Don't I feel undereducated. :P Though this makes much more sense, it really puts the pieces together.. ^^ The milky way is freakin' huge btw.. (chock) Nice vid.
OH EM GEE (guest)  -  November 28, 2006, 03:46
Totally driving this off topic. . but it's funny that most people think that this tiny dot in space we call Earth derived the one and only true god of the universe ; Talk about luck, I mean damn, look at those odds!! =)
pre (guest)  -  November 28, 2006, 05:00
amazing oh em gee what are you talking about.
stepska  -  November 28, 2006, 05:38
how can i download it
Ulf  -  November 28, 2006, 08:44
Downloading is not too easy. But here it goes. Go to and bookmark the link presented. Then click the video here to end up at Youtube. When at Youtube, click the bookmark.
D (guest)  -  November 28, 2006, 13:10
Or just use firefox and use the video downloader plugin.
Paganmoon  -  November 28, 2006, 15:39
@Badeanden yeah, or "aint we big?" compared to the atoms :P
costre (guest)  -  November 28, 2006, 15:53
Optimisten: Seriöst, Sånt där säger bara amerikaner :) Vår sol är en av över 100 miljarder stjärnor i vintergatan. Det är alla dessa stjärnor som från vår synvinkel bildar det disiga band över himlen man kallar vintergatan.
Okie (guest)  -  November 28, 2006, 16:19
What I want to know is who took those pics from outter space? and do we really have colored orbits? (just joking) great perspectives!
en till svensk! (guest)  -  November 28, 2006, 17:46
håhåhå alla dessa amerikaner med deras trångsynta tankegånar q:)
mike (guest)  -  November 28, 2006, 22:52
Quarks= skittles
Optimisten (guest)  -  December 2, 2006, 02:12
costre; Till mitt försvar har jag aldrig varit särskilt intresserad av det hela, och aldrig riktigt tänkt över saken.. ^^ Men som sagt, det la verkligen pusselbitarna på plats.
^RunQaBalle^ (guest)  -  December 15, 2006, 14:46
It's very interesting how large and tiny are yhings in nowadays. :)
viet  -  December 20, 2006, 04:13
dam i feel so small
Keith (guest)  -  January 19, 2007, 09:16
Hey Ulf - the video is no longer available.. redirect?

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