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Fast fingers

July 1, 2006


PanterA  -  July 2, 2006, 00:25
freaking nolife. hahah
Dantalion  -  July 2, 2006, 00:59
Tip for that guy: look up RSI. :P
Emc2  -  July 2, 2006, 02:50
this guy is crazy! get a life!
zax (guest)  -  July 2, 2006, 05:19
what game is that, it looks awesome
Damn! (guest)  -  July 2, 2006, 06:23
This guy would rule at Guitar Hero
dang (guest)  -  July 2, 2006, 06:33
sped up?
Akira (guest)  -  July 2, 2006, 12:13
The name on the game is Beatmania IIDX. And that song isnt so hard if you played for a while..
Elfgren (guest)  -  July 2, 2006, 16:51
If you guys wanna try a similar game, try The best game I ever played :P
zonghu (guest)  -  July 2, 2006, 18:04
:F woww..
sdrawkcab (guest)  -  July 3, 2006, 03:13
Bah, that's really not hard at all. I've been playing music games for a little less than a year and I can do better than that. And of course it's not sped up....
above (guest)  -  July 4, 2006, 13:53
pls, newb. Post a link with a vid then, showin u playin that shit faster..dumbass.
GuitarMan (guest)  -  July 4, 2006, 20:52
sdrawkcab - if it's not that hard then why are you suggesting it's sped up!?!?!
ToThe"IdoItBetterIdiots" (guest)  -  July 4, 2006, 23:28
Its funny how you idiots claim to be better yet you cant show anykind of prove.... That guy is awsome....
sdrawkcab (guest)  -  July 5, 2006, 02:02
I never "suggested" that it was sped up. I said that it is NOT sped up in response to dang's question: "sped up?". I don't give a rat's ass if you don't believe me that it's not so hard, try it for yourselves and find out. You just need to practice, and if you have musical experience it will be a breeze to pick up.
lizt (guest)  -  July 6, 2006, 18:54
btw this is just like reading a score sheet, just another kind than what we are used to.. This is NOTHING compared to the best "a vista" classical piano players.. Its all about practice. I really agree to that it looks really cool though
Watchful Eye (guest)  -  July 6, 2006, 23:33
watch the bottom camera angle and u can tell that i is sped up. It looks impressive, but it aint like real and crap
sdrawkcab (guest)  -  July 7, 2006, 04:54
No, it ain't sped up. This is most likely your first time watching someone play Beatmania... I'll admit that if I didn't have experience in these games I'd be impressed too, but to me it's just average.
medical rep (guest)  -  July 7, 2006, 05:47
THis guy is probably claiming a compensation carpel tunel case at work from playing this game. LOL
GARYsurvivor (guest)  -  July 9, 2006, 09:51
IIDX is way better than Guitar Hero thank you very much. And this video is very real. IIDX players would never bother to lie to the community. You can find this guy playing several songs, his name is DJ HELL if any of you n00bs care.
GARYsurvivor (guest)  -  July 9, 2006, 12:51
Oh, and you guys might as well search video Google for DJ 1048, he has a few good videos as well, my personal favorite being Scorpion Fire.
Chay Baziller (guest)  -  July 10, 2006, 01:55
Gary, you are a nerd. A big shining nerd. That, you can take to your precious community.
otoman (guest)  -  July 10, 2006, 13:19
this man has no life!!!!!!!
GARYsurvivor (guest)  -  July 11, 2006, 00:42
A nerd, maybe, but at least I am not an idiot like most of the people here. Also, you could use some grammar Chay.
sdrawkcab (guest)  -  July 11, 2006, 05:26
People who call other people "losers", "no-lifers", etc. for something like this are complete IDIOTS. Everybody has free time, how you choose to spend it is YOUR choice, at least he's making his reflexes, concentration, coordination and rythm more acute, and how can that be bad? He's not doing any harm to anyone. I bet all these jealous morons spend their free time doing something far more useless like watching cartoons or worshiping some teen "idol".
Bob_the_Bobbin (guest)  -  July 13, 2006, 04:13
This is cool,no two ways about it...Time,practice and patience guys...
Hash (guest)  -  July 13, 2006, 21:16
Lol. that's why japanese teenagers get arthritis at the age of 13...
GARYsurvivor (guest)  -  July 13, 2006, 23:18
Thank you sdrawkcab.
Akira (guest)  -  July 16, 2006, 20:45
Well I dont have a videocamera to show my fingers but I guess I can fraps when im playing ssrmax with my KOC (konami original controller). I think DDR and stepmania is funnier tho :)
Scout (guest)  -  July 17, 2006, 13:49
Wow! That guy seriously rox
GARYsurvivor (guest)  -  July 24, 2006, 20:53
I only wish I could get my KOC to work with my SSRMax. =P
Nizzz (guest)  -  July 25, 2006, 02:21
The fingers isnt the same way they go .. Look at 1.35 and play.
arleas  -  July 26, 2006, 22:26
Anytime someone pulls off something cool, the first response is "wow, he has no life"... It doesn't make it any less cool to watch... Also, it probably IS rather easy since most of the patterns are predictable... all you have to get is the timing down, and you don't have to give up a social life to do that... Just practice and keep at it... Something most of you probably wouldn't do, not because you can't but because you're too lazy to try... I liked the video
heartstar (guest)  -  July 27, 2006, 20:06
that is awesome. it would just make more sense if he used that talent for playing a real instrument..
heartstar (guest)  -  July 27, 2006, 20:06
that is awesome. it would just make more sense if he used that talent for playing a real instrument..
GARYsurvivor (guest)  -  July 31, 2006, 11:04
Nizzz: You have no idea what you are talking about. Arleas: You have a lot of good points, although I have to say that the pattern cannot be predicable since in this video there is the "random" modifier that mixes the notes. Hmm, I sure am wasting a good amount of my time educating you kids.
to Lizt (guest)  -  July 31, 2006, 22:15
If that guy could play Griegs piano concerto, then I'll be impressed.
tlin (guest)  -  August 4, 2006, 07:51
haha wow. that's just crazy.. i wish i had taht fasta fingers... lol
Jimman (guest)  -  August 18, 2006, 14:31
i just want to believe that its true but i can't i can't even see Whats coming..Naaw i think its bullshit until i see it for myself with my Own EYES
Rexxar  -  August 18, 2006, 15:54
i can do better lol =)
Rexxar  -  August 18, 2006, 15:57
nice 353975p ;)
nerds (guest)  -  August 25, 2006, 06:28
Deleted0001  -  August 30, 2006, 16:23
Proves the skills a human hand is capable of posing.
Niedec (guest)  -  September 4, 2006, 08:56
It really isn't TOO difficult. It's kind of like the people who get bored at school and have learned to spin their pens in an interesting way, simply because it entertains them. Notice that nobody argues that knowing how to spin a pen makes you a nerd, yet the same concept applied to a game (which is probably far more interesting)makes you just that. It's weird how our society works. Ah well. I love these games. Rock on, random Beatmania player, rock on.
Wow (guest)  -  September 5, 2006, 21:30
When that song picked up speed it looked and sounded like the guy was typing, which gives me an idea as to where he got his skills.
jeeze (guest)  -  September 11, 2006, 06:14
you guys get so emotional about these things,.... give the kid some credit
a-hole (guest)  -  September 23, 2006, 10:02
can this song be found on the internet in mp3 format?
emma (guest)  -  September 25, 2006, 14:49
my movie wont play!! GRRRRR WORK!!!!!
sonicomega (guest)  -  October 1, 2006, 22:40
I would like toplay this guy/gal in Tekken
sonicomega (guest)  -  October 1, 2006, 22:41
I would like toplay this guy/gal in Tekken
GARYsurvivor (guest)  -  October 3, 2006, 00:25
The song is called Quasar by OutPhase (DJ Taka and TaQ). It is pretty popular, I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding it.
ArM  -  October 6, 2006, 11:29
He must be from japan. :D
magic 8 (guest)  -  October 27, 2006, 14:25
wow even with all these claims of how simple or fake this is it doesnt mean i still dont have 2 thoughts in my head both a) GOD DAMN THATS SWEET and b) (censored for dirtyness)
mee (guest)  -  December 22, 2006, 01:10
i made a comment
matt21  -  February 12, 2007, 14:14
bloody freak
Ry (guest)  -  July 15, 2007, 21:26
Thanks Garysurvivor for mentioning DJ 1048. I looked him up and I do like his skills better. That Bloody Tears one was nuts! Best of all, he didn't use the auto scratch like this guy. Insane.
Keith (guest)  -  August 27, 2007, 02:40
um, he didn't use the autoscratch... you can see it in the beginning. BeatmaniaIIDX is a tough skill to master, either you shell out hundreds on the arcade or hundreds on modding your ps2 and then import the game and controller. I can't do that well, but at least I can read the notes. Fun game, too bad nobody like it in america.

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